Thursday, August 19, 2010

Don't go skinny dipping and hop from pool to pool to hot tub to pool to pool and think that no one in your 17 story condo can see you

Because they can, and those two boys you met in the hot tub earlier actually came to the beach with their parents, not their friends. They will see you from their balcony and their dad will take photographs of himself with you and your fellow skinny dipping friends below in the background.

Oh, and as a double "don't", Don't ever drink two Four Lokos in one night again, even thought this was the second time that you've done that, and after the first time you did, you told yourself and your friends "Don't drink two Four Lokos in one night".

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Don't sleep on a pull out couch with two other people.

Unless you like sleeping with your legs tucked under your body so that you won't be able to feel them the next morning.